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  1. Rootz Classifieds
    Device Type:: Phone Brand:: HTC Model Name:: Incredible Model No.:: ADR6300 Condition:: Used Location:: NJ Carrier:: Verizon Rooted:: Yes (See Post) Payment Type:: PayPal Price:: 120 for full listing: HTC Droid Incredible (comes with): 16GB...
  2. EVO 4G
    Am I alone in noticing that the AOKP M4 does not have quite the same signal level as my Sense ROM did before? WiMax unfortunately is unavailable to me where I live and work. I use WiFi tethering all the time. It is my only source for internet at home. And While I can see the tower from my...
  3. Android Applications
    There is an app called Y5 out there that I have been using since day one with Android. I currently have an HTC Incredible and will be getting a Nexus on the 29th. Anyways, my girlfriends TBolt and my future GNex are both 4G capable. I was wondering if someone out there had the talent to create...
1-3 of 3 Results