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  1. Photon 4G
    Call me an n00b or an idiot but a friend of mine has a photon 4g he wants to sell me. I use Verizon and wanted to know if I can flash it to work on verizons 3g/ 4g network?
  2. Rezound
    Hi everyone. So yesterday night I flashed Xtreme's senseless 4.0 ICS rom to my phone and I don't have any data connection. It connects fine to 4G/3G and I can make calls & messages but I can't access any of the data. Is there a solution to this? Previously i was running Scotty's Clean ROM and...
  3. Rootz Classifieds
    Device Type:: Phone Brand:: Motorola Model Name:: BIONIC Model No.:: xt875 Condition:: Used Location:: Issaquah WA Carrier:: Verizon Rooted:: Yes (See Post) Payment Type:: PayPal Price:: 250 Good condition Droid bionic comes with phone, battery, and 16GB micro SD card.
  4. Android
    Verizon sent me a clnr droid razr, and a clnr rezound to chose from to replace my 3rd faulty droid charge. The question is, which do i keep??? bootloader not really a problem, as long as i have root. Help me out on deciding .
  5. Galaxy Nexus
    Hey everyone, I haven't seen any threads like this so I decided to create one. Post screenshots of your fastest Speedtest results and location. I'll start. This is from New York City.
  6. Android Applications
    There is an app called Y5 out there that I have been using since day one with Android. I currently have an HTC Incredible and will be getting a Nexus on the 29th. Anyways, my girlfriends TBolt and my future GNex are both 4G capable. I was wondering if someone out there had the talent to create...
  7. Galaxy Nexus
    Hey all I plan on picking up a Gnex soon and this will be my first 4g phone under the new VZW data limits. I just wanted to know how much of everyone's monthly limit they've been using up so far (as you can track this in ICS, correct?) So how much of your data do you use up doing day-to-day...
1-7 of 7 Results