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  1. Droid Bionic
    Disregard. Admin please delete
  2. Droid Bionic
    I know this is a noob question but here goes....... Back when 5.893 was released I took it but lost root like most folks. Instead of being patient to regain root, I used RSD lite to flash back to 5.886 to regain root and install Kinetx. Now I want to get the 902 update but when I go back to my...
  3. Droid Bionic
    I ran into some issues trying to regain Root after an upgrade from 5.5.886 to 5.5.893. I was using this: I think I got updated completely/correctly, but I am without Root. My current problem is that my phone boots into fastboot every time (and says "Flash...
  4. Droid Bionic
    Accidentally posted twice-thanks to my crappy wifi.
  5. Droid Bionic
    I know there are lots of people struggling with 3g/4g data loss on the Bionic, both with and without the 893 radio/kernel update. I've got my share of that, but what's really driving me nuts is that my wifi now sucks. Speedtest confirms that I'm consistently getting about 10mbps at home, but...
1-5 of 5 Results