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  1. Amazon Kindle Fire
    Presents the Official MIUI 2.4.20 ICS ROM Changelog for MIUI 2.4.20 v4 <-- Click here to view changelog What's New Using my AOKP build for Kindle Fire as a base instead of CM9 or AOSP - 4/22/2012 Using Hashcode's 3.0.21 Kernel - 4/22/2012 Static wallpaper works - 4/22/2012 Video playback...
  2. Android Applications
    Mod Type:: Application Difficulty:: Very Easy Mod Base:: Other Mod Status:: Beta Apply In:: Other (See Description) Carrier:: N/A Requires Root:: No Source:: Source:: Now on Google+ ! XDA Thead: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1587276 Update...
  3. Droid Razr Development
    ICS4BIONIC ALPHA Well here it is ICS for the DROID BOINIC alpha preview build. A HUGE THANKS TO: All source is available at DETAILS: INSTALL AND DOWNLOADS SafeStrap for BONIC: from Hashcode's blog ROMS: ICS4BOINIC ALPHA 01-25 MD5...
1-3 of 3 Results