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  1. Galaxy Nexus
    I apologize for posting this here in a hardward forum, not sure the best place to place it, I really need an answer...(I DO have a gnexus) Last summer Amazon app store put Pocket Casts podcast app up for free. Dev and Amazon parted ways and it's no longer updated there. I'd like to buy it from...
  2. Mesmerize / Fascinate / Showcase
    Hey all! I was wondering if there's any danger in editing the build.prop to make our device appear as a Galaxy Nexus? Cause I use Hotschedules EXTENSIVELY for work and they have an updated version now for ICS but I can't see it in the marketplace cause I'm still being identified as a Gingerbread...
  3. Java/Android API
    I have uploaded my app (Archers Paradox) and I can access it from the apps page without any problem but I cannot find it in the app search. It should not be a filter issue because the app is published in the UK and is written for Froyo, the phone I am using to search. It also doesnt appear when...
1-3 of 3 Results