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  1. Android
    Android Wear is a companion software for your smartphone, making it easier to access notifications, do google searches, and other things, all without having to take out your phone. Since this software is only limited to a few things, some developers looked at expanding the functionality of...
  2. Site News
    If you've been waiting on the Android Wear source code to be released then the wait is over. According to Bill Yi, in a post in Google Groups, the GPL projects for the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch have been posted. Both projects can now be found in their respective places in the Android...
  3. Site News
    Well it was fun while it lasted. Mere days since the Starwatch LCARS watchface for Android Wear was released to the Play Store, the legal goons from CBS (which owns the rights to the Star Trek franchise) took notice and bullied Daniele Bonaldo into taking the app down. It seems this petty...
1-3 of 3 Results