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  1. Vibrant Themes
    I spent Hours upon hours on this.... Hit LIKE even if you don't like it... J/K But seriously, I couldn't have done this theme without Br1ck'd, Mr. Psycho Just added a Clock Widget for Dust, this is what it looks like. I know not alot of people use the clock widget anymore but here it is. Just...
  2. Off-Topic
    I've only seen 1 logo that looks like it could be the real one for Jelly bean, but I made one myself... Does anyone think they should change it to mine? :)
  3. MIUI
    I know there is alot of ICS keyboards floating around, I wanted to give miui 2.3.7 a look of ICS but with orange colored images and text. You can use the extra keyboards on the market, but I didn't want to have a lot of keyboards on my phones so.... I just modded the original. Whats added...
  4. Themed Apps/Widgets
    Miui Style Go Launcher theme Available on the Market here GO-MIUI THEME
  5. General Themes / Extras
    The 2.3.7 MIUI Themes aren't compatible with V4 versions, so I decided to make a quick Template for all you MIUI Themers out there. Template will work for all miui versions and phones as long as it V4. *Reason why they don't apply right is the package names are different. so It's trying to...
  6. MIUI
    The Battery life has always been the hot topic on every rom, mod and other subjects. The more colors that show on the screen does in fact use more battery than a minimal colored screen... So I decided to make a clean version of ICS. I see a difference in my battery life since I made this theme...
  7. Themed Apps/Widgets
    Here are to themes you can download on the market. One is for Go SMS and the other is Go Launcher EX. Style includes the new version of windows 8 but for Android (of course) *Colors scheme is BLUE, GREEN, ORANGE and WHITE *Block Style SMS receive and send bubbles *Popup SMS White with Black...
  8. Themed Apps/Widgets
    Android Market Link LOMO theme for Go-Launcher EX. It includes 10 wallpapers. WP dock that gives a smooth look to the theme. Dark clock not included but free on Market Enjoy!
  9. Themed Apps/Widgets
    Just a quick clock widget I made for "The Society of Invisibles" just click the image to go to the link If on your phone click here DOWNLOAD
  10. Keyboard
    A quick ICS Keyboard I made for my ICS theme on MIUI, but will work on any rom. If this doesn't flash on your phone with CWR, then you can extract it and push it manually to SYSTEM/APP folder and then reboot. DOWNLOAD
  11. MIUI
    Here's a Ice Cream Theme I made for MIUI. *Lockscreen designed by picard666 *Text Clock NOT INCLUDED Download clock here ***What was Themed*** -Framework-res -Systemui -Dialer -Gmail -Gtalk -FileExplorer -Sms -Settings -Bootanimation -Lockscreen -Launcher -Overscroll -Popup Windows -Wallpaper...
1-12 of 12 Results