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  1. Site News
    If you are one of our readers who likes to peruse our forums (and we hope you are) or the forums of other sites, then this will likely come as good news. The Tapatalk app, which lets you follow and interact with forums all about the web, is now free in the Google Play Store. Along with the new...
  2. Site News
    Google may be seeing the writing on the wall. NFC adoption is still moving slowly, probably towards its own demise. It is believed by some that retailers have scaled back implementation of NFC kiosks because of the lack of compatibility from the iPhone. Google in turn has made some moves away...
  3. Droid Bionic
    Hello my fellow RootzWiki brothers and sisters. I have a weird problem. I'm using a Droid Bionic on 5.9.902 rooted and 43V3R Rooted. Sometimes if I install an app such as Angry Birds Seasons (Not in media area either) and I reboot my phone, the app will be clickable but when I it tries to run it...
  4. Android
    Mod Type:: Application Difficulty:: Easy Mod Status:: Stable Apply In:: Other (See Description) Requires Root:: Yes Source:: Another great app coming from This time its an amazing file explorer. Has a ton of awesome features. You can check out the youtube video...
  5. Themed Apps/Widgets
    This has been Inverted for a while now but has never been fully transparent so since I figured it out on ICS, I figured I'd do the Gb version also since a lot of phones don't have and won't see ICS for a while... This has the video chat and it worked for me but just like any apk, some phones...
  6. Android Applications
    Hi, Im developing a weather app and need to add in my info.xml to the action bar. Can anyone help? app source is here:
  7. HP Touchpad
    Hey everyone, I'm on Alpha 3.6 and still can't install any kind of tablet apps from market. Apps such as ZeroPC, News360, etc. -- I knew there was a market fix to install these apps but I know that was implemented into the later alphas. Are only certain apps compatable still? Thanks.
  8. ICS Discussion
    I cannot find a way to purchase apps on ICS. The Market Enabler method does not work, neither does it's Fake On Boot feature. But regardless, even if the Market is successfully spoofed by Market Enabler, I cannot get past the "Accept and Buy" page. I'm always hit with something like "The item...
  9. Samsung General
    Just like the title suggests, what are your top 5 must have apps on your phone. Here is to hoping we can each find another app we didn't know we couldn't live without. Here is mine: 1. Titanium Backup 2. Dropbox 3. ES File explorer 4. Quickboot 5. USAA
  10. Inspire 4G
    Who else is disappointed by the selection of apps from the $.10 sale? I think I've bought five or six, but considering most are games, I really didn't bother with most of them (Minecraft, Sims, and Fruit Ninja being the only exclusions) What do you all think?
  11. Droid X
    OK I've been fighting with this for more than a month now. I need to get the experts involved here. Not sure the exact point in time that this occurred, but I believe it was at or near the release of the new market. When I open the Market and go to MyApps - The entire list is empty. I get a...
  12. Android Applications
    Hi there, hope I've found the right place to post this - I'm looking for a few willing hands to help put a new social gaming app through it's paces. It's flash game based, with the ability to play for free against other human opponents (you can also wager micropayments on the outcome of these...
  13. HP Touchpad
    When I try to buy an app in market, I get an error. Help. _____________________edit_______________________ anddddddddd I fixed it. I win. for reference: 1. on ADB:<br /> adb remount<br /> adb shell rm -f /system/app/Vending.apk<br /> <br /> [OR]<br /> <br /> on Terminal Emulator:<br />...
1-13 of 13 Results