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  1. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    Mod Type:: Icons Difficulty:: Easy Mod Status:: Stable Apply In:: Other (See Description) Optional:: Themed Requires Root:: No Source:: Now that Nova Launcher has the ability to set custom folder backgrounds built in, I have abandoned my previous thread for modified APK's, and have...
  2. Android Applications
    I know that iOS devices are capable of doing this. I can't seem to figure out how to do it on my phone. You would expect that it would be native on Android because multitasking on Android is more sophisticated.
  3. Droid Incredible Development
    *11/7 Updated to the newest nightly(Build 248). Dropbox duplicated the old mods and new mods. This should be fixed now. Sorry to everyone that had a problem with it yesterday.* First off i want to thank: Alastrionia : For coming up with the mod. fernando sor : For letting me use his animation...
1-3 of 3 Results