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  1. Galaxy Nexus
    I'm trying to make some app icons for my home screens and wanted to know what the exact "code number" for the ics blue is so I can match them together.
  2. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    Mastur Mods HON3Y[S]CR3AM Custom theme for AXI0M | CNA | AOKP 2.4 | 1.1.4 | 19 THANKS The devs for making these awesome ROMs<br /> DT for making me a part of the TH3ORY T3AM<br /> DH for putting up with all my BS questions<br /> Google for all out electronic deserts<br /> Samsung for being the...
  3. Droid Bionic Themes
    Here is a monster theme I built for liberty. Go to my temporary website to purchase/download-----> Thank you to all that participate. If u purchased U can use your link again for the new file:) And here is a wall i threw together for it.. Version2...
  4. Droid Incredible Development
    So i have been working for sometime making this and i wanted to share with you guys. Its a blue and black theme for the CM7 theme chooser. I used Waterpolo's theme as a base but i added what i was looking for in a theme. Thanks to: Waterpolo : I used his blue theme as a template to make my own...
  5. Droid Bionic Themes