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  1. Motorola
    Ok, So, I'm on shift3r and ic3 blurry and I'm stuck eating bootloops. I've tried doing a data and cache wipe, but I cant get out of it! Coming from stock to Shift3r there was no issue. Only happened after I flashed to Ic3 Blurry. SOMEONE HELP!!!!!
  2. HP Touchpad
    Hey @ all my tp cm7.1 alpha2 hangs in a bootloop! Sometimes cm starts but than it hang up. Ive already reset the hole tp with webosdoctor... Ive overclock the tp on webos side but now ive reset it completly and i dont know whats going on. Ive installed cm7.1 already 5 times.... Can somebody...
  3. Droid Incredible
    New to the forums so Hello! and I appreciate any help you can offer! I had gotten fed up with the DInc low memory notification and having to clear app data consistently so I decided to go ahead and root. After doing my research and getting pointed to I...
1-3 of 3 Results