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  1. HP Touchpad
    Hi guys. I'm rather new tot his forum. For some reason, I can no longer play in-browser videos. It works fine on the youtube app, but I can't play any videos in any other apps (including dolphin and ics stock). I've always clear cache and wiped the dalvik before every update, so I don't know...
  2. HP Touchpad
    So, guys, Chrome Beta is out in the Android Market, here is the link: Unfortunately, it cannot be downloaded with TP. Anyone knows a correct way to install it? Got the APK here: It's...
  3. Galaxy Nexus
    Anyone notice that there is a strip near the top of the browser that flickers when you are scrolling on a webpage? It is where the progress bar would be if a page was loading. Anyone else find this a little annoying and an oversight in the design? Can any developers fix this?
  4. Amazon Kindle Fire
    After many test I managed to get Silk to work on a different OS. This worked on CM7 for Kindle Fire. If you get any errors please post. Here is the link to the spreadsheet. Please if you have time fill it out so users will be able to check before doing it! Install Tutorial: 1. Download the...
  5. Android Applications
    I just wanted to let people know of a new browser just 5 days on the Market called the Ninesky Browser. It is fast, supports HTML5, Flash, and tabbed browsing, while be fast and light at the same time. If anyone wanted to check out any alternatives to the stock browser, I would highly...
  6. Droid Bionic
    Favorite BrowserFavorite Browser?Stock610.00%Opera Mobile/ Mini610.00%Dolphin Browser/ Mini3151.67%Miren58.33%Xscope711.67%Skyfire00.00%Other58.33%
  7. HP Touchpad
    Does anyone know if there is an android browser that supports per-website user agent switching? I know several browsers let your forge the user agent for all sites, but I would like to run everything in one browser and have the user agent switch on the fly. What I would like is for a browser...
1-7 of 7 Results