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  1. HP Touchpad
    In order to help people fix their touchpad problems I will attempt to keep up with the development and post any fixes for common problems here. If you have an issue please read this ENTIRE OP and search the dev thread of the ROM you are using to see if it was fixed there. The answers here are...
  2. Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global
    So basically, a friend of mine gave me her Droid 2 to fix. The phone was not transmitting sound during calls, so no one could hear my friend. She tried text-to-speech features, and they all worked, so she determined that the actual microphone is working. Being that I used to flash ROMs for...
  3. LiquidSmooth[mecha]
    Flash In Recovery Market Update 3.3.12 Liquid.ThunderBread.3.2.Market.3.3.12-R3Ds LauncherPro Fix for ROM... this fixes Unlocking Issue Liquid.ThunderBread.3.2.LauncherPro.Fix-R3Ds Google Music Fix for ROM... this fixes Stream Force Close Liquid.ThunderBread.3.2.Music.Fix-R3Ds Google Music...
1-3 of 3 Results