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  1. Android Applications
    RootzWiki-community! I want to share my latest application with you: BuildProp Editor What is this tool used for? This tool allows you to modify your build.prop file easily on your device. It makes editing easy and you don't have to take care about remounting stuff or read/write permissions...
  2. Droid X Development
    PB 2.1.0 is released EXCLUSIVELY on DX MIUI ICS 1.11.9. PB 2.2 will released to all 8 devices. [Still WIP] ***Please note that PB 2.2 is UNIVERSAL to ALL devices, except for the swap recovery option. (Available to DX, DX2, D2, D2G, OG, Bionic, EVO, NS4G) Please take time to read entire OP...
1-2 of 2 Results