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  1. Site News
    It's about time Android got a little lot more serious about some of its more essential features and use cases. Two of the most-used functions of any phone include listening to music and taking pictures. Both will be receiving big upgrades in the next Android update from Google. Incoming with...
  2. Galaxy Nexus
    Hey guys as you know our camera's suck ass, but i'm starting to get really annoyed because the camera takes pictures so fast that my pictures usually end up blurry and i have to take like 4 pictures of the same thing to make sure i get a clear one. Any of you guys have any tips/solution to get a...
  3. Galaxy Nexus
    Are there any mods we can do to the stock 4.0 camera? Better yet, any way to port the camera from... say... an HTC Rezound?
  4. Galaxy S II (All Variants)
    Like the title suggests, lets see some pictures from your camera.
  5. Thunderbolt
    Hey all, I've tried several ROMs (CM7, MIUI, BAMF SoAB, BAMF Forever) and have used the MIUI camera as a part of AOSP ROMs. I use my phone to take a lot of pictures and videos and have been somewhat frustrated lately with issues I've had with camera quality. Is there any ROM that will give me...
  6. Galaxy Nexus
    This is easy but I understand there is several people who haven't done this and want to. The only "catch" is you must be rooted *note* not responsible for anything you break, including laws Steps 1. Download the app "root explorer" from the market (its not free but I promise you'll use it...
  7. Galaxy Nexus
    When I took a picture with this phone, I thought "Oh my god, this camera is AWFUL. But then I zoomed in on them, and noticed something. VERY high compression. It seems the software heavily compresses pictures taken, and I'm fine with that. But we're not even given an option for the picture...
  8. Droid X
    Hi, I installed MIUI 1.10.21 and everything works great except my camera. When you try and take a picture the auto focus gets all wacky and no matter what it takes a terrrrrible picture. I've messed with all the settings. Any ideas? thank you very much!
  9. Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global
    Hi Devs, Could you please tell me which files make the camera and camcorder work in various Roms? I am determined to get Google Talk Video chat working on blur based Roms so I would like to know which files I need to examine. From what I can determine /System/app/Camera.apk is for the camera...
  10. Droid X
    I have been on Vortex for a while and was bored last night. Decided to try Liberty RC1.1. Flashed Liberty RC1.1 and didn't like it as much as Vortex. Whilel on Liberty I also noticed my camera did not work correctly. Flashed back to Vortex only to find my camera still not working. When I launch...
1-10 of 10 Results