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    If you're one of the people who enjoys the art that cycles through on your Chromecast when it's dormant, then you'll want to take note of what Google is doing for the platform now. Google is allowing users to personalize their Chromecast experience more by using art from their own devices...
  2. Site News
    A Tuesday post on the Google Chrome blog brought a little good news for the Chromecast faithful. Several applications have received Chromecast capability and can now be streamed from any connected device. Many are US only. On their post, they state, Those applications are: WATCH Disney...
  3. Site News
    Chromecast was not going to be outdone by Android TV at Google I/O. The very popular dongle is going to receive a few meta updates that give users a touch more functionality outside of simple content casting. Rishi Chandra, head of product management at Google Chromecast made the...
1-3 of 3 Results