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  1. HP Touchpad
    Since the question keeps getting asked and we have to keep merging topics, I figured a sticky post on this is needed to help avoid redundancy and confusion by any that weren't already aware. This is not inclusive to all parts of CM10 for the touchpad as there are many other parts of Cyanogen...
  2. Tutorials
    For anyone who would rather get the proprietary files for your Galaxy Nexus for CM10 (or pretty much any other AOSP build) from a trusted repository instead of pulling them from your device, create a file called local_manifest.xml with the contents mentioned below and put it in your .repo...
  3. Droid Charge
    Someone asked in the CM9 Development thread about starting a new discussion thread for the CM10 JB port JT started on. I didn't see anyone start one, so here it is. Use this to thread to discuss anything about the CM10 JB port in order to keep the development thread strictly to actual...
1-3 of 3 Results