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  1. ICS Discussion
    So, ICS has these beautiful slots for huge, high quality pictures of contacts. But whenever you sync your contacts back to Google (and the person isn't on G+), the pictures get shrunken and compressed. This seems to be a known issue...
  2. Samsung
    Hi all, Just installed CyanogenMod-7-11162011-Nightly-Fascinate, Awesome, I have the coolest paperweight ever. THANKS ! I really need some help. Please redirect me if this is in wrong thread to ask. Im out of town working, and I cant get my phone contacts on my fascinate now. No backup assistant...
  3. Galaxy Nexus
    Hey everyone, so this is getting quite annoying. Every time I flash a new ROM, all of my old contact photos are deleted and Google downloads the low res image that it stored on its servers. I then have to recrop each photo and reassign who they're for. Is there any workaround to this? Could I...
  4. Amazon Kindle Fire
    I accidentally deleted the default contacts apk from my kindle fire. Could somebody with a rooted device post the apk of the contacts apk. Note: i was trying get google contacts sync working, then read somewhere else that I actually need the stock contacts apk. Doh!
1-4 of 4 Results