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  1. Wallpapers
    I got in the mood to put together a wallpaper and this is the result. If you enjoy, feel free to spread the word or even hit the thanks button! I may resize these for small screen devices at some point or you are free to do that yourself. Light version. --- Dark...
  2. Android
    is there any known way of getting texts from your android device to your PC? Example, my droid3 gets a text and instead of pulling that up, I can continue to use my pc to reply and send a text back? I know there is google talk which is something of the same, but that is also a different phone...
  3. HP Touchpad
    Does anyone know if there is an android browser that supports per-website user agent switching? I know several browsers let your forge the user agent for all sites, but I would like to run everything in one browser and have the user agent switch on the fly. What I would like is for a browser...
1-3 of 3 Results