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  1. Off-Topic
    Hi, I've searched through this site "developer status" (among other variations) and google and also using the forum search but couldn't find anything relating with how to apply for developer status here on rootz. Who do I have to talk to or message to apply? Thanks, FB
  2. Droid Razr
    @dhacker29 and @rhcp011235 as well as the whole theory razr crew (though it is a small crew) is working on trying to bring us ICS on the Razr but could use some help from other dev's as well! If your a dev check em out on twitter, and if your not post around and see if we can't get more dev's...
  3. Galaxy Nexus
    Hey, I was wondering if any of the Devs can post links to information for a layperson to learn about Linux and building android from code. Also are there any books I could buy and read that will help. If any devs have tips for me please share. Also feel free to pm me. Thank you.
  4. Droid Bionic
    What ROM is everyone using to get the best performance and battery life? I like both AOSP and Blur based ROMs, but I prefer AOSP Roms with lots of customization options. Also, is anyone overclocking, undervolting, etc?
1-4 of 4 Results