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  1. Galaxy Nexus
    What? Developer's Day! When? First of every month Why? Because we owe devs who make the Galaxy Nexus even better every day. What to do? Give a donation Think of the pure awesomeness we get from our favorite ROMS, kernels, themes, mods, apps, and other acts of brilliance. Most of the...
  2. Off-Topic
    Hi, I've searched through this site "developer status" (among other variations) and google and also using the forum search but couldn't find anything relating with how to apply for developer status here on rootz. Who do I have to talk to or message to apply? Thanks, FB
  3. Rezound
    I've been having data issues with my Bionic lately and Verizon has offered to switch my phone out to the Rezound, I have a few questions before I consider the swap. Is anyone working on or currently have a recovery system like Clockwork or SafeStrap? Once a recovery is in place is it possible...
1-3 of 3 Results