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  1. Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global
    I am rooted and just want to wipe my data completely aka reset this thing to factory (minus the root part).. if I go into clockwork and wipe data, will my phone not boot after that? Or should I just go into the menu settings and wipe all user data?
  2. Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global
    The tyranny of Motorola must be stopped. Please support us at http://www.change.or...e-bootloaders-2 Motorola is blocking consumers and developers of a feature the device is capable of doing, running custom kernels. Consumers and developers who bought Motorola smartphones are being cheated out...
  3. Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global
    ive done a lot of googleing and i have tried everything to the best of my knowledge and still have come up short. im not sure if im in the wrong section or not but i do need some help. I was on liberty and wiped data and cache and all the usual things to do before flashing a new rom. I then...
1-3 of 3 Results