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  1. Droid 2 / R2D2 / Milestone 2 / Droid 2 Global
    I figured I might as well ask this, even though I doubt it'll mean anything for us. I stumbled across these two things of interest:
  2. Rootz Classifieds
    Device Type:: Phone Brand:: Motorola Model Name:: DROID X2 Model No.:: MB870 Condition:: Used Location:: US Carrier:: Verizon Rooted:: Yes (See Post) Payment Type:: PayPal Price:: 206 over here its 10$ cheaper because no listing fee.
  3. Motorola General
    I think that with Motorola taking away our ability to root and sbf back to older systems I may be switching AWAY from Motorola during my next upgrade. Pretty sad that I am thinking this, I was a long time customer of Motorola even before the Droid 1 came out. But if Motorola is going to lock...
  4. Rootz Classifieds
    Device Type:: Phone Brand:: Motorola Model Name:: BIONIC Model No.:: xt875 Condition:: Used Location:: Issaquah WA Carrier:: Verizon Rooted:: Yes (See Post) Payment Type:: PayPal Price:: 250 Good condition Droid bionic comes with phone, battery, and 16GB micro SD card.
  5. Rootz Classifieds
    Device Type:: Phone Brand:: Motorola Model Name:: Bionic Model No.:: XT875 Condition:: Used Location:: CT, USA Carrier:: Verizon Rooted:: No Payment Type:: PayPal Price:: 225 Sold, thanks
  6. Droid 1 Development
    Not My ROM. I help Cush2Push with the RootzWiki side of his ROM. All credit goes to Cush2Push, not me. That being said; all bugs are to be reported in this thread, i will monitor it. CUSHZERO 2.3.7v2.1.5 wouldnt recommend flashing over a rom without wipe you can do so but problems may occur...
  7. Droid Incredible
    Hello, I know there is ICS for the Inc. already . But what is the latest version you can get? I have ICS-Deck right now with alpha 5. Also I have been hearing things about CM9 coming to the Inc. Can somebody confirm?
  8. Galaxy Nexus
    Hi all the Galaxy Nexus Users Here. Im looking to trade mt Bionic for a Nexus so i can work on creating an NFC App. I love the Bionic but I cannot use NFC Chips with it. If anyone is interested please let me Know.
  9. Droid Charge
    So far my rooted Droid Charge thats running the latest update of Gingerbread is out performing any ROM I have installed so far. Maybe its just me but once I start adding apps to my phone to get it the way I wanted it, the gummys and infinities start to lag, alot in some cases. I wasnt adding a...
  10. Droid Bionic
    So I do love my Bionic but using it for personal and work I need to have a bit more reliable phone. I currently have been through 4 different bionics with pretty much all the same issue; data, screen pixels going out, and one time the rear speaker didn't work at all out the box. Just this...
  11. Droid Incredible 2 / S
    I'm wondering how I would go about gaining s-off & rooting my phone. I've been referenced to Revolutionary many times, but the only OSs the download supports is Window & Linux. How would I get this done using a Mac? Thanks.
  12. Development
    Hey guys, I am trying to port CWM to my OG droid on my x86 Ubuntu 10.10 machine(just for the experience) and I can't seem to be able to get past a roadblock. I have been following this to build it. At the step "build/tools/device/ device_manufacturer_name device_name...
  13. Droid 1 / Milestone
    Hey guys, I am trying to partition my SDCard so that I can flash the alpha sense rom found here. However, after I partition it, neither my computer nor CWM can detect that there is indeed a partition. Any ideas on what I should do? I am running CM7.1 but I can easily flash something else if...
  14. Droid Bionic
    Just as the title states, what do you think will happen with development on the Bionic now that a new flagship for Motorola is being released tomorrow? Do you think Motorola will unlock the Bionic now? Do you think developers will focus on the Razr, Nexus, or stick with the Bionic? With that...
  15. Team Maverick
    Maverick for the Droid3 (MavROM) - V4.5 Notes: Wipe data after install of ROM no matter what ROM you are currently on Manually update Google apps once to make sure they will update properly in the future Change stock MMS to black background to fit the theme better We highly recommend using...
  16. TeamGummyCharged
    Out of respect for the GummyTeam I am not re-posting download links of GummyCharge on any other site. In the past I put out "How to Install GummyCharge" with download links even in the show notes. I am now directing all traffic here to rootzwiki. I hope I have understood the Teams wishes...
1-16 of 16 Results