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  1. Droid Incredible
    [This is all basically copied from the original thread by apophis9283 - For now I will try my best to keep this post updated for everyone.] NOTE: All links and information provided come from following MongooseHelix and preludedrew on Twitter. I take NO credit for any part of this rom. This is a...
  2. Droid Incredible
    I take NO credit for this rom. This is a rom made by the evervolv team. I have just had so many request on where to download the gapps and the rom I figured I would post it. Again thanks goes out to these guys for making an amazing ics rom. EVERVOLV ICS ROM PREVIEW 7 -
  3. Droid Incredible
    Which romWhich rom do you prefer?Cyanogen2554.35%OMGB36.52%Evervolv36.52%MIUI1328.26%Other24.35%
1-3 of 3 Results