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  1. Android
    I want to know are there any app that can import my Facebook friends profile photos to my android phonebook? If I use Facebook contact sync some friends not display their personal contacts on their profile so its useless. Thanks
  2. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    This is a matching Facebook icon for the Negativity theme. JayR_Themer worked hard on it so thank him for his diligence. Official Download link
  3. Themed Apps/Widgets
    Happy Holidays everyone... I actually released this to the Market and I released it on DF a week ago for free so I'm gonna release it to the Rootz family, also.. It shows as Holiday 4 Facebook in the app drawer tho since the concept is to theme it throughout the year with Major holidays and...
  4. Galaxy Nexus
    Don't know how this problem started, it was working fine a few hours ago, but the Facebook book app won't show the text in the app. It sorta looks like the text is transparent or it is the same color as the background, check the attached image. I've tried clearing data and reinstalling, and it...
  5. Thunderbolt Development
    Here is a fully working Sense 3.5 FB Chat app and widget for Sense 3.0. This DOES NOT break Friend Stream. Might work on others but this is the only one tested. Please excuse the directions as I am horrible at writing them. WARNING: This will ONLY work on ROMs that don't have Facebook for...
1-5 of 5 Results