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  1. Amazon Kindle Fire
    So, I was trying to root my Kindle Fire this morning, and successfully did it, but the Superuser app kept crashing (just giving background in case it is needed). I used the Kindle Fire Utility that was on XDA, and everything worked, except now my kindle will not boot into the GUI, it only...
  2. Amazon Kindle Fire
    I rooted my KF using Kindle Fire Utility 0.9.2 on 6.2.1, then I wanted to install RTL Languages support to discover that it updated OTA to 6.2.2. I read that Burrito2 regains access so I ran the permanent root option on Utility again with old burrito2. and now the KF is stuck on logo and will...
  3. Amazon Kindle Fire
    So I decompiled the Kindle Fire's Launcher.apk and found "". So I started playing around with them, you just have to type the right string into the search box on the Launchers home page. Here is a list I put together for them: ";bow down" - COLOR_MODE_WASHINGTON ";dm" -...
1-3 of 3 Results