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  1. HP Touchpad
    my touchpad shows random reboots when sound is enabled...i disable all the sounds completely and it stops randomly rebooting...anyone got a fix to play the sound and not cause reboots!!! plz help...thanks!!!
  2. HP Touchpad Android Development
    Mod Type:: Application Difficulty:: Moderate Mod Status:: Stable Apply In:: Other (See Description) Requires Root:: Yes Source:: Hello, this is just a quick fix for the breaking of compatibility on Market applications if you change your device's DPI in build.prop. What this does is it...
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7
    if your have issues with the update not finishing 100% this will work download the zip using heimdall flash like normal factoryfs-factoryfs.rfs zimage-zimage param.lfs-param.lfs cache-cache.rfs recovery-zimage ignore the rest of the files...
  4. HP Touchpad
    When I try to buy an app in market, I get an error. Help. _____________________edit_______________________ anddddddddd I fixed it. I win. for reference: 1. on ADB:<br /> adb remount<br /> adb shell rm -f /system/app/Vending.apk<br /> <br /> [OR]<br /> <br /> on Terminal Emulator:<br />...
  5. Galaxy S / i9000
    I personally have semi-bricked my phone (SGS) a considerable amount of times and each time i got this message E: Can't mount /dev/block/stl10 (invalid Argument) then i got very frustrated and angry at my self for what i had done. So here is what I don't to fix it. This might also work on the...
1-5 of 5 Results