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  1. Site News
    If you are one of our readers who likes to peruse our forums (and we hope you are) or the forums of other sites, then this will likely come as good news. The Tapatalk app, which lets you follow and interact with forums all about the web, is now free in the Google Play Store. Along with the new...
  2. Android Applications
    Hey guys. Please take a look at my new app. Its a simple drinking game that I used to play with dice and decided to create an app for it since I can no longer find the dice myself. This is only my second app so if there are any suggestions I'm all ears. Here is the market link...
  3. Android Applications
    Introducing: Total Password Security Total Password Security is designed with security in mind. It is a secure password generator and password strength checker. Coupled with comprehensive safety tips, this app makes for one powerhouse of a security app. Simple and straightforward, no...
  4. Wallpapers
    Hi folks, Just wanted to post up my website where you can find tons of wallpapers at a 960x800 resolution (Originally made for the Samsung Captivate). Feel free to use them and you can also find me on xda where I have a theme for Fusion XII, Mosiac8 and Legend called Aeris. Thanks! UPDATE...
  5. Android Applications
    I always think I've finished a project ... then I release it and realize that I still have some work to do. Sometime ago I notice I never had an available text editor when I needed to view a doc so I developed one ... Parchment! Parchment is lightweight and simple but provides a text editor...
  6. Android Applications
    I have uploaded the first version (test) of my archery app to the android market. It is called Archers Paradox and is used to record your recurve bow setup. Details can be found at
1-6 of 6 Results