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  1. Droid Razr
    Hey, You guys are something like my last hope for my Razr. Ive got an European Xt910 Razr. The Story : - Ive installed Safestap, checking after that its only for CDMA Phones. Uninstalled it, and reinstalled Bootstrapper ( was working fine before ), from now on CWM hangs up @ the Moto logo...
  2. Rezound
    I'm temp rooted and have one single thing I want to freeze right now... that darn Vcast Media Manager - no matter how many times I uncheck it, it somehow "resets" itself and tries to backup all of my media each night. Thing is, I can't see one clear (or a couple of clear) apk's in /system/app...
  3. T-Mobile Engine
    *****Requires T-Mobile's Theme Engine found in CyanogenMod's Roms***** *****Requires Root***** *****HDPI only***** *****PLEASE FOLLOW INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME INSTALLING A THEME FOR THE THEME ENGINE***** v1.4 Update (Donate Version Only) v1.3 (Free Version)...
1-4 of 4 Results