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  1. [GSM] Galaxy Nexus Development
    ******Introducing****** Cerberus ROM v1.0 *********DISCLAIMER**********<br /> I am not responsible if this ROM<br /> -Bricks your phone<br /> -Makes your phone explode<br /> -Puts you on the naughty list<br /> -Makes an ancient sapient machine race swoop down and attack Earth<br /> -Makes your...
  2. Galaxy Nexus
    hy guys i know this is not fully related to the Galaxy nexus, but i'm getting ready to buy the phone first thing it comes out ,and i think i have a bit of an issue, because i wanna pick the right insurance for it and i'm not sure with which one should i go!! till now i had the vzw coverage that...
  3. Droid Razr
    I know many of you (Myself included) got this phone to fill in the gap until the Galaxy Nexus released, but the more I play with the phone, the more I want to keep it. Who's going to be switching it out for the Galaxy Nexus?
  4. Galaxy Nexus
    What all do we know about the battery in this thing? Here's what I know for "fact" (as fact as it can be) - please fill in the (many) blanks here: It's a removable/replaceable battery, unlike the Razr The NFC (radio?) is built into the OEM battery, so cheap aftermarket batteries may be less...
  5. Inspire 4G
    RW is about to start their "8 Weeks of Prime" (prime being the Galaxy Nexus' code name prior to it's announcement). Considering the odds of actually winning one is pretty slim, who plans on going out and buying one of those? Being the college student with no plan upgrade available, I'll be...
  6. Thunderbolt
    I was wondering If we will be required to unroot our thunderbolts before they are willing to "buy-back" our phones. (Using the money to go towards galaxy nexus)
61-66 of 66 Results