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    We got a pleasant surprise on Friday by way of Namco-Bandai in the form of the legendary 3-D weapon fighting game Soul Calibur. This is a port of that awesome DreamCast (Arcade) classic and it brings the full experience to mobile devices. This game gave me a heavy does of nostalgia as I'm...
  2. Site News
    Ahh the nostalgia. Once upon a time there was a little game called Gauntlet that used to leave my pockets bereft of quarters and it was iconic and revolutionary in scope. One of the first true dungeon crawlers, it allowed four players to romp through a series labyrinths with four heroes of...
  3. HP Touchpad
    I was inspired by this thread the other day: Most Android tablets have 16:10 aspect ratios, but the Touchpad has a 4:3 ratio. Our screen is much more square than our widescreen brothers. There are a handful of games/apps that scale...
  4. HP Touchpad
    UPDATE WILL BE AVAILABLE SHORTLY (LIKE WITHIN THE NEXT HOUR) Sir_earl (Sixaxis App Developer) has just released an update to his popular app Sixaxis Controller. The update brings "Native Gamepad" support over Bluetooth with the PS3 Sixaxis/Dualshock controller. This means a USB OTG setup is no...
  5. HP Touchpad
    Really a very nice arcade quality super high-end 3D graphics technology game. Works really well on Touchpad (So far!). Download Free from Android Market https://market.andro...ader.knightmare Good Luck!! Thanks to
1-5 of 5 Results