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  1. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    Mod Type:: Theme Difficulty:: Very Easy Mod Status:: Alpha Apply In:: Stock Recovery Optional:: Themed Requires Root:: No Optional:: Themed Source:: Here is the start of a Apex and Nova Launcher Mod post. This will only contained the "Free" versions of each Launcher. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. DL...
  2. Galaxy Nexus
    I just started using Apex. It's pretty equivocal to Nova IMHO. But one thing is driving me crazy. In Apex when updating an app, it removes the app's icon from the desktop. Is this a bug? Intended? Can it be stopped! Thanks. Axiom Crossbreed V3, franco's kernal
  3. Galaxy Nexus
    For about the last 2 weeks I have been carefully following and tweaking my phone for max battery life. There should be no reason this phone will not make it to consistant 35-40 hours between changes with light to moderate use Average battery life with current settings: Light: 1.25-2.5%...
  4. Galaxy Nexus
    Does anybody know which rom has the best camera and video recorder??? I'm on CNA 1.1.4 and my old Sammy Fascinate takes way better pics and videos. Is there anything that anybody knows of to improve the photo and videos quality??
  5. Galaxy Nexus
    Okay, I got this cradle in. Here's the initial quick review. This unit is going to be used on my desk at work. Pros: This thing really looks nice! The pictures make it look like a bright silver but it's more of a dark silver. If you know much about colors then you probably know that there are...
  6. Galaxy Nexus
    I know they are no truly amazing roms out yet (since the gnex hasent been out that long), but tell my your favorite rom for it and why!
  7. Galaxy Nexus
    Just flashed my first ROM on my GNEX and I'm using the stock Gummy Rom for GNEX. I'm looking at the CPU/Voltage settings and just looking to see what are the most optimal settings people are using? I would like to keep it running at fairly high performance with the ability to play something...
  8. Galaxy Nexus
    What's up everyone!! Well day 2 of the CDMA Galaxy Nexus is here, and I'm not sure about you all but I'm very pleased so far!! Very purrrdddyyyy device!! Any who..... I just wanted to say HI! Some of you may know me from back back in the day with the Droid Eris lol, nothing really spectacular...
  9. Galaxy Nexus
    What all do we know about the battery in this thing? Here's what I know for "fact" (as fact as it can be) - please fill in the (many) blanks here: It's a removable/replaceable battery, unlike the Razr The NFC (radio?) is built into the OEM battery, so cheap aftermarket batteries may be less...
1-9 of 9 Results