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    Google had stated that every 6 weeks they send out a new version of Play Services in an attempt to keep the back-end of all Android products and up-to-date. This must be the sixth week because Google has just announced their latest rollout on their blog. Play Services 6.1 adds goodies such as...
  2. Site News
    One week after it was announced at I/O, the latest version of Google Play Services is ready to roll out to devices worldwide. There are a few new additions in this version, including Android wearable services APIs, Making it easier to communicate and synchronize data between phones and wearable...
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    If you've been wondering why some of your favorite games that should obviously have asynchronous multi-player don't, it has a whole lot to do with the Google Play Services API not having proper support. All that is changing with the new update to Google Play Services announced Thursday. Now Play...
1-3 of 3 Results