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  1. TeamGummy
    Not sure if this is where I post this issue or if anyone else is having same problem, but I can't seem to find any posts about them. First let me start by saying kudos to the team for putting out a bomb ass rom. Okay, here are some of the problems I'm having on my Bionic: 1. Reboots - Randomly...
  2. Releases
    As agreed upon the Razr release will only be released at DroidRZR .. you are on the other hand more than welcome to discuss it here --KEJAR31
  3. Droid Charge
    I've got GUMMY on my Charge and it hshad my phone freezing and reseting either on its own or by battery pop for a while now. I need some help in restoring it back to stock and finding a root that will allow me to access my titanium backup only. I used odin to out it on but i did it all on...
  4. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    ORANGE GUMMY For: GummyNex0.7.6 This is a basic orange theme I made to match my girlfriend's case. It themes framework-res, SystemUI, Settings, Phone, Contacts, Mms, Browser, Calculator, Camera, Gallery, and Trebuchet. It seems obligatory to say that I'm responsible for nothing; Make a back...
  5. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    Yo guys heres a little love for Gummy, I know theres not much out there. If youre running a theme over Gummynex see Post#2 This is the fastglow mod for the hotkeys that reduces the amount of time the softkeys glow when you press them. It gets rid of that annoying lag you get when hitting home...
  6. Galaxy Nexus
    Just flashed my first ROM on my GNEX and I'm using the stock Gummy Rom for GNEX. I'm looking at the CPU/Voltage settings and just looking to see what are the most optimal settings people are using? I would like to keep it running at fairly high performance with the ability to play something...
1-6 of 6 Results