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  1. HP Touchpad
    I just noticed CyanogenMod has official nightlies started for the hp touchpad (tenderloin) which started earlier today. pretty awesome to see :) CM9 Tenderloin Nightlies
  2. HP Touchpad
    Hi, First off I would just like to say thank you to all the people who brought us ICS for the Touchpad. Okay, so I had my TP charging today, and I went to check on it. In place of the new Play Store was a shady looking app. It was called Free Music and it had the old itunes logo. I clicked on...
  3. HP Touchpad
    First off I want to praise the folks that brought Android to the touchpad. Without your hard work we would still be using the under supported OS. With that said I have a few issue and I am sure there due to my ignorance but here you go. Issues: I lost the Marketplace icon. Email app crashes...
  4. HP Touchpad
    DISCLAIMER - None of the tools or mods used here are created by me, they are created by some of the greatest Android devs out there. All Credits go to the respective developers. Hello Members, Just got my touchpad 16gb (again) and installed AOKP on it. Could not find a tutorial out here so I...
  5. HP Touchpad
    I have CM9 0.6 on my tp. I can't play any video on my tp. No youtube, no avi, nothing...Video works fine when I run the webos. I've done factory reset and re installed still nothing. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. HP Touchpad
    Problem: ICS Phone.apk does not appear or work in CM9 (0.5 Alpha) Indepth: I have GV Dialer (which rings your google voice registered number). https://market.andro...cpedia.gvdialer When I was running CM7, I used the default dialer perfectly fine (then GV Dialer activated the phone call)...
  7. HP Touchpad
    Hey guys, I feel the pain going through the internet with regards to our Touchpad and stalling with the latest SW. Credit where credit is due, you can see a list in the DL suite. I decided to make a file suite to make this easier. Download the Suite here...
  8. HP Touchpad
    Did anyone try to connect the OnLive controller? Does it work on generic games (meaning except the functionally that it suppose to have on the onLive android platform).
  9. HP Touchpad
    hi firstly i'd like to thank every one here for support hp touchpad okay , i was instilled android 2.7.3 alpha 2 on hp touchpad every thing's ok , but when i jact the headphone/headspraker cable i noticed the speaker of touchpad's still working ! how can fix that to use headphone without...
  10. Mesmerize / Fascinate / Showcase
    That's right ladies and germs. My two personal favorite mobile OS's are now BOTH open source. WebOS is now officially open source for the public!!! (and third party vendors) No, it's not available to download yet nor have any details about what they're entirely releasing (concerning billion...
  11. HP Touchpad
    So I'm running cyanogenmod a3 on my touchpad and i have installed ubuntu in a chroot (I'm in android not webos) I've tried the Linux Installer app, and manually installed it. But regardless I can never apt-get install (program name here) or apt-get update so i can't get a proper GUI and im stuck...
  12. HP Touchpad
    I was in the Dollar Store (best place to buy sponges and various cleaning supplies). Then, I saw these shelf liners and thought they would be nice to spruce up some desks, bookshelves, and kitchen drawers. Suddenly, it occurred to me that these would be perfect for making custom skins for...
  13. HP Touchpad
    Just thought everyone should know. I wonder what can be done with spb on android? Back in the days of my tmo wing it was one of the coolest programs to mod. Ahhh the good old days.
1-14 of 14 Results