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  1. Sensation (4G/XE)
    Ive seen people starting to do ports already for ICS for certain phones. I recently found that they are already working on a port (pre-alpha) for the HTC Thunderbolt...Anyone hear of anything dealing with a port for the sensation or anyone interested in starting a project? Im not a programmer...
  2. Nexus One
    As the Nexus One. Being the first Nexus of the Nexus family. In which it paved the way for great phones, as the nexus S is probally one of the most popular Android's. As it is the phone always running the latest of Android software. But we couldn't have made the Nexus S what it is today, without...
  3. MIUI
    Here's a Ice Cream Theme I made for MIUI. *Lockscreen designed by picard666 *Text Clock NOT INCLUDED Download clock here ***What was Themed*** -Framework-res -Systemui -Dialer -Gmail -Gtalk -FileExplorer -Sms -Settings -Bootanimation -Lockscreen -Launcher -Overscroll -Popup Windows -Wallpaper...
1-3 of 3 Results