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  1. Droid Charge
    So I recently found the awesome "battery bar" in the market, and now I am looking to remove the battery icon from the status bar, not just replace it with a blank spot mind you, but have the other icons shift right. I've gotten as far as to pull systemui.apk, decompile with baksmali, and open...
  2. General Themes / Extras
    For anyone interested, here is an ICS themed Google Music logo for use as default album artwork or whatever else you may find a use for. For some reason about 300 of my albums have one of four album atworks including Afroman, 311, Nsync (ewww), and Scarface, and it got quite annoying. I'm also...
  3. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    This is a matching Facebook icon for the Negativity theme. JayR_Themer worked hard on it so thank him for his diligence. Official Download link
  4. Galaxy Nexus
    Yep. I don't work until Saturday morning and I have no plans of going to sleep before tomorrow night. So, anyone who has requests for custom colored icons or anything of the sort is welcome to post their request here and I'll work as hard as I can to fulfill as many of them as I can in between...
  5. HP Touchpad
    Just want to hide some app icons which are seldom used in the app drawer. Most are system apps such as "rom manager", "terminal emulator". In CM7, both the launchers I used have this function, but can't find it in cm9's stock launcher.
  6. General Themes / Extras
    Updates 1/4/12: Minor updates throughout the guide Credits Zaphod-Beeblebrox -- for clarifying some of the basics Mastur Mynd-- for pretty icons This guide is meant to help BEGINNING DIY android users (who are familiar with folder hierarchy and Ubuntu Archive Manager) the chance...
  7. General Themes / Extras
    This is a comprehensive ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) icon and image dump organized by originating folder/apk including all live wallpaper images and the live wallpaper apk files. \\For Audio Files from ICS Here// (all drawable folders will be in one folder, if you want seperated drawable folder it'd...
  8. Development
    word up RW... Well, yes im at it again! With Tha RootzWiki Unleashed icon pack i bring you closer to your favorite forum. This one is full of epicness fo sho! Tha RootzWiki Unleashed android icon pack... Try out some samples right here! Get me a beer and own the full version with 1097...
1-8 of 8 Results