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  1. ICS Discussion
    Here ya go, folks. I hope this hasn't been posted already, and I apologize if it has, but here it is:
  2. Thunderbolt Development
    I'm a diva and jumped ship
  3. Dell Streak 7!/DMonsterProd/statuses/136532316800561153
  4. Inspire 4G
    Yepp, ICS source code is public! Wish I could do something with it, but wanted to share the good news (assuming that there are people here to share it with)
  5. Inspire 4G
    HTC announced a handful of devices today that will receive official ICS updates. That's cool and all, but we're not on the list. This really isn't too big of a deal since CM9 will undoubtably bring us all the ice cream we could ever want. However, it saddens me to see the OEM not looking out...
  6. Droid 2 Global Development
    First of all thanks to EVERYONE who has help with CM7! I wanted to see what Icons were going to be used in ICS, so after renaming tons of files and moving locations. I have an for the global. You must be on 10.19.2011 update. Most likely there might be a few text/images.etc that...
  7. Inspire 4G
    I know this isn't exactly a new idea, but an official announcement is better than speculation! Any way, I found this on G+, wanted to share the good news with you!
  8. Themed Apps/Widgets
    DARKWIDGETS Android Pro Widget Themes DARK: ICS Blue: RED: BLUE: PINK: GREEN: ORANGE: PURPLE: Search APW DARKWIDGETS in the market or djdarkknight.
  9. Sensation (4G/XE)
    Ive seen people starting to do ports already for ICS for certain phones. I recently found that they are already working on a port (pre-alpha) for the HTC Thunderbolt...Anyone hear of anything dealing with a port for the sensation or anyone interested in starting a project? Im not a programmer...
  10. Droid Bionic Themes
  11. Keyboard
    A quick ICS Keyboard I made for my ICS theme on MIUI, but will work on any rom. If this doesn't flash on your phone with CWR, then you can extract it and push it manually to SYSTEM/APP folder and then reboot. DOWNLOAD
  12. MIUI
    Here's a Ice Cream Theme I made for MIUI. *Lockscreen designed by picard666 *Text Clock NOT INCLUDED Download clock here ***What was Themed*** -Framework-res -Systemui -Dialer -Gmail -Gtalk -FileExplorer -Sms -Settings -Bootanimation -Lockscreen -Launcher -Overscroll -Popup Windows -Wallpaper...
  13. HP Touchpad
    Swype does not work out of the box, but some small hacks in smali will make it work okay (though not really made for the size of the TouchPad). Since Swype does not like people redistributing their app, I cannot post it on here. However, for anyone with the ability and patience, this is how you...
141-153 of 153 Results