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  1. Galaxy Nexus
    Which one? What should I get? Samsung Galaxy Nexus746.67%Samsung Galaxy S III00.00%Google Nexus 4853.33%
  2. Galaxy Nexus
    I am having a problem.. Should I get the Galaxy Nexus now, or wait for the Galaxy S III or potential Nexus 4? Will the latter two options even launch on Verizon?
  3. Off-Topic
    I've only seen 1 logo that looks like it could be the real one for Jelly bean, but I made one myself... Does anyone think they should change it to mine? :)
  4. Android
    What do you guys think the specs, name, and manufacturer of the Nexus 4 device will be? Android Jelly Bean is a given, but do you think Samsung will make it again? I heard rumors that it will have an Intel Medfield chip, and heard names like the Nexus Ultima, X, and Black thrown around. What do...
1-4 of 4 Results