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  1. Droid X
    I tried out gummy this morning and one of the things that jumped out at me was a smaller keyboard than I'm used to. I always install the "Fat Finger" keyboard mod on every GB ROM that I load as I prefer the keys being larger. I ran across these keyboard mods for the D3, D4, RAZR, Bionic, and...
  2. HP Touchpad
    Out of the blue, my Touchpad has a major issue. I get a message "Unfortunately, <Japanese characters> has stopped working". Whenever a keyboard is supposed to appear, that error pops-up. Without a keyboard, the pad is VERY limited. I attempted to re-install the Alpha2 zip file, but no luck...
  3. Android
    SwiftKey just announced an SDK allowing developers access to their core language engine. I'm not a developer, so I don't even know what possibilities this could unlock, but I had a thought/suggestion/request. Would it be possible to bake SwiftKey text prediction into the ICS default keyboard...
  4. MIUI
    I know there is alot of ICS keyboards floating around, I wanted to give miui 2.3.7 a look of ICS but with orange colored images and text. You can use the extra keyboards on the market, but I didn't want to have a lot of keyboards on my phones so.... I just modded the original. Whats added...
  5. Galaxy Nexus
    Anyone tried getting the badass black stock Droid Razr Keyboard on the Galaxy Nexus? Not sure if blur files are required to run it.
  6. Galaxy Nexus
    So i updated to aokp b21. I had the hulk green theme for b20 which was great. Unfortunately there is no 21 build for it yet. I found an alternate green theme, but the keyboard highlights are still blue and the words suggested are blue too. On the hulk theme, they were green. So I am trying to...
  7. HP Touchpad
    handy shortcuts on the HP Touchpad bluetooth keyboard that work in cm9 hello touchpad owners(and touchpad keyboard owners), here's a few quick shortcuts ive found on the official hp touchpad bt keyboard as well as some other tips for using the keyboard with cm9. so without further ado, here's...
  8. Droid X
    I would like to attempt to make a modded ics keyboard with larger keys for use on encounterics (or any ics rom).From what I understand it is a matter of decompiling the keyboard apk with apk tool, editing some size values, and compiling it back up. The problem is don't really know how to do any...
  9. HP Touchpad
    Hello, I just switched to Swype, but the keyboard is to small. Any idea how to change back to the normal Android keyboard? Cu stef.
  10. Themed Apps/Widgets
    DarkICE-SKINS These are skins for the Market version of the ICE CREAM SANDWICH KEYBOARD by "johntanmi" or BetterKeyboard!!!! DARKICE DARKICE LITE DARKICE-ICS DARKRedICE Download links on my site HERE Last but not least....ENJOY!
  11. HP Touchpad
    I was wondering if it was at all possible to use my Droid 3 as a bluetoothed keyboard on my Touchpad, or even if it is possible to bluetooth my Droid 3 to the Touchpad itself. I was hoping to use my phone not only as a keyboard but possibly as a key pad for my emulators that I use. If anyone has...
  12. Keyboard
    A quick ICS Keyboard I made for my ICS theme on MIUI, but will work on any rom. If this doesn't flash on your phone with CWR, then you can extract it and push it manually to SYSTEM/APP folder and then reboot. DOWNLOAD
  13. HP Touchpad
    SO I love my Android port, but I also loved the webOS keyboard. I have been reading a lot of things about thumb keyboard for android so I decided to download it, however I see no changes on my keyboard. Does anyone else have this problem? also can any of you suggest a great keyboard on the...
1-13 of 13 Results