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  1. Galaxy S IV Active
    This is an Odin oneclick for the Galaxy S4 Active. Don't try to flash the Galaxy S4 with it, it won't work. File Name: Oneclick_I537UCUAMF1.7z MD5: 5860A429420FF9029C8CF687F43E3D83 Password: rootzwiki Do not mirror this file, will make mirrors on its own. By downloading...
  2. Galaxy Note
    SGH-I717UCLE2 "Official" Leak WARNING: This is an untested leak and it contains bootloaders, rootzwiki and its staff are not responsible for your actions. Thanks to our anonymous source for another great leak!! Download (torrent, don't mirror the file, link to this post not the file...
  3. AT&T Galaxy S II Development
    Torrent (don't copy the link, link to this thread) Build.prop Everyone give a big thanks to THE UNKNOWN SOURCE for leaking these files to me for you!
  4. Droid Bionic
    When I saw the Razr ICS leak, I got excited and decided to Cheesecake a bit and see what happens, since everything was pointing to .901 being the next OTA. I updated to .901 when my 3rd Bionic started getting really out of hand with data issues. Turn on Wi-Fi, start-up Cheesecake app, and lo...
1-4 of 4 Results