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    LG's G2 was one of the more under-appreciated and underrepresented phone from last year. It brought a new design change that we haven't seen in smartphones (rear buttons) and amazing specs inside a great package. It inspired more phones in the same family to do the same as well (G Flex and G Pro...
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    Best Buy evidently wants you to forget about going to your carrier store to pick up the latest and greatest phones. While you'd have to pay $199 for the LG G3 at Sprint or AT&T with a 2-year contract, Best Buy wants you to turn to them and only have to pay $99.99. Verizon is also only charging...
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    The LG G3 US release date is quickly growing near. AT&T's LG G3 will be available on July 11th, T-Mobile's will be here on July 16th and Sprint's will be here on July 18th. The only other "Big Four" U.S. carrier we were waiting on was Verizon. At long last, though, Verizon has announced...
1-3 of 3 Results