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  1. Droid Bionic
    Can anyone download Vtok or get google video chat to work on their phones? In google talk, the only way I can get the video camera to appear next to the contacts is if that person sends a video chat invite first. Otherwise I can't video chat with any of the other contacts. Got an app called vtok...
  2. Droid X
    I recently went back to 2.0.2 Liberty because of it's tethering stability and was poking around for themes. I saw a couple of links to a vanilla froyo theme, white bar and all however all of the links seem to be broken would anyone be able to post the theme if they have it, or a working link...
  3. Droid X
    Last night, I SBF'd to Gingerbread. I data wiped and all that jazz. The only problem I had was with the screen, but I assumed it was a stock bug and moved on. When I got onto Liberty 3.0v2, the problem really progressed. I couldn't turn the screen off for longer then 10 seconds. If I did, then...
  4. Droid Bionic Themes
    Here is a monster theme I built for liberty. Go to my temporary website to purchase/download-----> Thank you to all that participate. If u purchased U can use your link again for the new file:) And here is a wall i threw together for it.. Version2...
  5. Droid X
    Not sure if I am posting this in the right place but hopefully I am! If not then sry Some people are having issues with the theme manager in Liberty Customizer and I have a few things to try before bothering the devs! 1. If you select theme manager and says " no themes available" or...
  6. Droid X
    Thought maybe some of those who haven't made the jump would be interested.
  7. Droid 2 Global Development
    File Name: [PORT] Liberty3 D2G 2.0 - Unnofficial (11/29/11) File Submitter: x13thangelx File Submitted: Today, 02:10 AM File Category: Droid 2 Global Theme: Custom Flashable Root: Requires root. Custom Kernel: No. Smali Edits: Yes. ROM Manager Support: No. DownloadChangelogEdit Mod Liberty 3...
  8. Droid Bionic
    What are you running?Liberty3 321.43%Th3ory857.14%Ecipse321.43%Bioweaponx00.00%Custom00.00%
  9. Droid X2 Themes
    Coming soon. My first theme, so be gentle.
  10. Droid X
    Good Evening all, Hi, I'm looking for opinions. If this is in the wrong spot please move it or delete it if it doesn't get a bite. Also, I do not intend for this to be a which is best contest or poll, but which is best for you and why. I'm on CM7GB by rev on 11-05-11's build.. I miss the...
  11. Droid Bionic
    How can I get my phone running .893 as well as running Liberty's rom? Is this possible? Currently, I am on Liberty and have applied the forever root.
  12. Droid Bionic Themes
    Same theme as before. Black's,Gray's,Greens, and Orange. I think screen shots speak louder then words so check them out! ::: Disclaimer:::: Tampering with system files can be harmful to your device. Should you decide to proceed, you do so at your own risk! Myself, RootzWiki, or any other party...
  13. Droid Bionic
    I am currently running my Bionic with [R3]BLURR3D V 2.0 and am waiting on new update... Liberty appears to be the only other ROM out there but isn't past the ALPHA/BETA stage but am hoping that it will be released soon... Please update this post whenever a new release comes out or what you think...
1-13 of 13 Results