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  1. Development
    Please do not hot link to my download. Link to the post and please don't use my work without asking. Version 0.6.7 is up for download (no new root options) Added general android tools: Rebooting the device Rebooting in to Recovery Backing up your photos to your Mac Fixing File permissions...
  2. Droid Incredible 2 / S
    I'm wondering how I would go about gaining s-off & rooting my phone. I've been referenced to Revolutionary many times, but the only OSs the download supports is Window & Linux. How would I get this done using a Mac? Thanks.
  3. Android
    Hi, I have an HP Touchpad with CM7 alpha 3 installed. Evereything works fine, but I'm trying to figure out how to get my music synced. I've tried DoubleTwist, but it quits on my mac, and I don't like having to install their player (even thou I don't have to use it, I don't want to have two...
  4. HP Touchpad
    My TP will not turn on. I have tried several button combinations for varying lengths of time. Series of events leading to current issue: -Last night I decided to install CM7.1 Alpha 2.1, I followed the guide on this forum -I was unhappy with the performance of Android so decided this morning...
  5. Motorola
    Right, so I wanted to flash my rooted Droid 3 back to stock because I was unable to get the OTA update (unfroze everything, still no love). I attempted to use the Using Mac to Fix you Brick post here, downloaded the (I think) correct files for my D3, and followed the instructions provided...
1-5 of 5 Results