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  1. Site News
    It appears the stock Android Email app is the next victim of Google's recent spree of rendering AOSP apps obsolete in favor of their own alternatives. Of course, Gmail has always coexisted with the AOSP Email app, but until now you still needed your Email app (or a third-party client) to access...
  2. Site News
    We saw Google tease the new Play Store during the keynote address at I/O, and now we're starting to see some of those changes with the latest update to the Android app. With the Play Store 4.9.13 update, most of the Material Design eye candy and animations are concentrated on the individual app...
  3. Android
    Google talked a lot Wednesday about Android L, Auto, Wear and more but what they didn't spend much time on were app UI changes -- excluding Google's Drive suite. We saw a lot of graphical changes to the general UI of Android but they didn't really delve deep into the apps. For those that won't...
1-3 of 3 Results