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  1. Mesmerize / Fascinate / Showcase
    Is there anything like safestrap (I think) for the mez? Or is there a way other than rom manager to quickly switch roms?
  2. Mesmerize/Showcase Development
    Hey everybody. What I'm uploading is not (yet) Codename Android 1.5.5, as that was just uploaded this morning and I actually did this port at about 6pm last night. -.- The ROM itself is marked Codename-Android-(MOD)-1-03152012-NIGHTLY-Mesmerize Fascinate changelog here...
  3. Mesmerize / Fascinate / Showcase
    basically, will this cause me any problems if i flash it into a Mesmerize? http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1199528 i'm running jpaulwaite's Debloated EH09 stock rom from here: with the 2.2 voodoo leankernel and love how fast and light the combo is on the...
  4. Mesmerize / Fascinate / Showcase
    ok i have cooked up a stock rom that you flash thru cwm if you are on mtd you will need to odin back to stock using repartition. this is only for the mesmerize. is the link this is rooted btw.
  5. Mesmerize / Fascinate / Showcase
    I extracted and packaged up this little treat for everyone. Here is the newest radio for US Cellular and the C-Spire Showcase. ODIN is needed. Flash it under the phone tab. If you need help using it, please search this forum and stickies (there are some great guides out there). Enjoy...
  6. Mesmerize / Fascinate / Showcase
    I have tried doing the installation 3 times with no luck. Has anyone that has JuiceDefender been able to get it to install? I feel like I may be missing out on some cool battery saving features.
  7. Samsung
    I used odin for the root EH09 from the site and now my phone wouldnt turn on! help plz
1-7 of 7 Results