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  1. Droid 1 / Milestone
    I'd like some advice if anybody has the time. I use my OGdroid as my music player and was wondering what I can strip it down to (delete or freeze apk's) without having FC's, etc. Also, maybe kernel suggestions, CPU speeds, etc. I literally ONLY use the music app, the market, and dolphin browser...
  2. Droid Charge Themes
    Mod Type:: Theme Difficulty:: Very Easy Mod Status:: Ceased Apply In:: CWM Recovery Requires Root:: Yes Source:: Good luck charge users...
  3. TWRP 2.X Themes
    *Update* Added BACON Theme (I had to) *11/27/11* *Update* Added PINK and fixed Minimal Grey *11/27/11* Hello! As you already know TeamWin(Especially Agrabren) has been working on TWRP2.0. This is a custom recovery that is advanced with touch UI. These theme are off of the first BETA build...
1-3 of 3 Results