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  1. Droid X Development
    MIUI 2012.11.11 Download - Downloads - Browsing MIUI4DX md5sum - ec26038ede6f093f75a2afeae9f57b2d Secondary Mirrors (DropBox): Wizard0f0s - **** NOTES, PLEASE READ THIS **** The installation...
  2. Droid X Development
    Mod Type:: ROM Difficulty:: Very Easy Mod Base:: MIUI Mod Status:: Weekly Apply In:: Alt. Recovery Carrier:: Verizon Optional:: Custom Settings Requires Root:: Yes Optional:: Themed Source:: This is MIUI 2012.2.1, created from Miui 1.12.9 on DXC's 1.10.21 DefX with ongoing support and...
1-2 of 2 Results