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  1. Droid Charge Themes
    Hey all. Here are some icons I made in my spare time. They are all direct pulls from Galaxy Nexus AOSP 4.0.3 and have been re-sized accordingly for your phone (72x72 HDPI vs. GNex's XHDPI 96x96). They all come in FULL sets (some have more icons than others) but if you have a need for ones that...
  2. Galaxy Nexus Themes
    Mod Type:: Icons Difficulty:: Very Easy Mod Base:: Other Mod Status:: Stable Apply In:: Other (See Description) Carrier:: N/A (WiFi) Optional:: Themed Requires Root:: Yes Source:: Hey all. Here are all of the icon sets I have made thus far. They all come in FULL sets (some sets are...
1-2 of 2 Results