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  1. [VZW] Galaxy Nexus Development
    Mod Type:: Script Difficulty:: Easy Mod Status:: Stable Apply In:: Other (See Description) Carrier:: N/A Requires Root:: No Source:: ANDADB 2.1 FOR GALAXY NEXUS I've redesigned my script specifically for the Galaxy Nexus with more features for Ubuntu and Nautilus. This new version has a...
  2. Galaxy Nexus
    Here is how you do it courtesy of Shannon VanWagner and his website Humans Enabled Thanks Shannon. Here is the what you should do: again all credit goes to Shannon VanWagner. Fire up a terminal session: 1- sudo apt-get install libusb-dev 2- download libmtp tar.gz from...
  3. HP Touchpad
    My issues - and these are all random: 1) sdcard not visible on cm_tenderloin device. 2) sdcard is visible, but there is nothing inside. 3) sdcard is visible, but not everything is shown that is actually inside. Anyone else? Any fixes?
  4. HP Touchpad
    I checked MTP option once I installed CM9. It worked well with my Mac. However, I'd prefer to use UMS rather than the Android File Transfer on Mac OS. Then, I found I cannot uncheck the MTP option. I can only shift between MTP and PTP.... How can I uncheck them all? Thank you!
  5. Galaxy Nexus
    So I went to go copy a bunch of .ogg and .mp3 files from a backup from my previous phone via the USB connection. Well, since this is an MTP connection, Windows wants to be extra smart and convert all of my media, which ends up making this file transfer take FOREVER! Now I know I could push via...
1-5 of 5 Results